Therapeutic Use Exemption

An athlete requiring the use of medication containing prohibited substances or methods due to a medical condition may apply for a therapeutic use exemption (TUE).

One of the key principles of the anti-doping effort is to protect your health.

It might happen that, for health reasons, you need to take a prohibited substance or use a prohibited method. You may do so under the Code. The key is that you must obtain what is called a ‘Therapeutic Use Exemption,’ or TUE.

Several criteria must be met to secure a TUE, such as: the use of the prohibited substance (or method) is necessary for your health; its use should not result in performance enhancement beyond a return to normal health; and there is no reasonable therapeutic alternative to the use of the prohibited substance or method.

International- and national-level athletes must also understand another important aspect of the rules: except in emergency or exceptional circumstances, a TUE must be obtained in advance, not retroactively.

TUEs for national athletes are overseen by AMADA. TUEs for international athletes are administered by your International Federation. The Olympic Games and other major multi- sport competitions may also grant their own TUEs.

You need to verify with your International Federation or National Anti-Doping Organization when a new application must be submitted or whether a previously granted TUE may be forwarded for recognition.

Attention!! Never take for granted that your national TUE will automatically be recognized at the international level. If you have any doubt, check with your International Federation or multi-sport game organizer.

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