Athletes who are part of the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) need to let us know where they are going to be, at specific times, so we can perform no-advance notice testing.

Registered Testing Pool athletes are required to provide their whereabouts information on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Administration and Management System (ADAMS): regularly scheduled whereabouts filings, filled out online, that are due the last day of each quarter in preparation for the next. As a result, there are four deadlines for whereabouts filings:

QuarterPeriodLast date
First quarter1 october - 31 december15 june
Second quarter 1 october - 31 december 15 september
Third quarter 1 january - 31 mart    15 december
Fourth quarter 1 april - 30 june    15 march

Athletes must submit whereabouts filing information whenever regularly scheduled plans change.

Attention! All whereabouts failures will be shared and combined with the athlete’s international federation (IF), WADA, AMADA and will be part of a combined whereabouts failure record

Attention! Any combination of three whereabouts failures (filing failures and/or missed tests), declared by AMADA, WADA or an IF, within an 12 month period = Anti-Doping Rule Violation